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Who we are.

EMF is the leading producer of nickel electroformed molds for applications ranging from autoclave lay-up and cure, compression molds for RTM and RIM, rotocast and slush. Located at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado, our facility utilizes over 65,000 gallons of nickel electroforming solutions with a variety of tank sizes that provide us the ability to offer a wide range of products to our customers such as nickel tooling and abrasion strips. Our uncompromising quality standards have earned us supplier approvals from a variety of international industries including:

* aircraft and helicopter manufacturers

* automotive composite part manufacturers

* consumer goods producers

* federal and industrial scientific and engineering organizations

What do we do?

Staffed by experienced personnel, EMF electroforms nickel abrasion strips for the protection of composite rotor and propeller blades. In addition to offering excellent problem solving techniques, EMF's technical staff can provide personalized design assistance for your program.

How we started our journey

EMF Corporation was founded in 1960 by Charles Smith primarily as a metal plating services facility. Fourteen years later, Paul Smith joins the company and opens a facility in Tennessee to serve the nuclear industry and the company begins offering electroforming services. As technology evolved, nickel electroforming became our main service offering. In 1980 EMF corporation moved to our facility in Colorado, and continued to refine and perfect our nickel electroforming process over the years.

Our Achievements

2006 – Achieves the AS9100 quality certification
2009 – Becomes an ITAR certified shop
2011 – Achieved NADCAP certification