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Helicopter Blades

By dipping molds in our electroform baths, we're able to precisely create hard fitted molds such as the leading edge of helicopter blades.

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Electroform Baths

We use baths to deposit nickel metal onto a conductive patterned surface

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Who We Are?

EMF is the leading producer of nickel electroformed molds for industrial applications. Our facility utilizes over 65,000 gallons of nickel electroforming solutions with a variety of tank sizes that provide us the ability to offer a wide range of products to our customers.

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Best Product

EMF is the leading producer of nickel electroformed molds for applications ranging from autoclave lay-up and cure, compression molds for RTM and RIM, rotocast and slush.

Proper Quality

To ensure the highest quality EMF's technical staff can provide personalized design assistance for your program.

Uncompromising Standards

Our uncompromising quality standards have earned us supplier approvals from a variety of international industries

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